Maxime Sanchez : piano / Julien Pontvianne : tenor saxophone, clarinet / Adrien Sanchez tenor saxophone

Slowness. Melody. Restraint. Kepler is a refined trio. The idea is to make the sound necessary. We are often deprived of a kind of cold beauty - here it is clearly sought - in opposition to a world that always turns a little faster. The apparent stability masks the discontinuities, the breaks, and invites to listen differently.

It is less the slowness of the themes that strike than their astonishing sweetness. But this sweetness is full of cracks, of micro-flaws, micro-distortions. Yes, Maxime and Adrien Sanchez are the brothers of the trio, but we see also an obvious twinship between the two tenors, Adrien Sanchez and Julien Pontvianne: they share a way of weaving a halo of breath sizzling around the sound, reminiscent of the old LP’s of the last century, this time when people were not still walking the streets talking to their hand. They play unisons with subtle shifts and distortions. The compositions, as we have said, are of a great sweetness, but never pour into the mawkishness or the emollient because they are intensely inhabited. At the piano, Maxime Sanchez has the art of creating atmospheres with nothing, bits of cloud, a shadow, a twig, a bird's feather. He has this art also, to make hear a swing pulse, more or less pronounced, which is a watermark in everything he plays. An original music, delicate, of a great interiority. A magnificent revelation.