Alexandre Herer : Fender Rhodes / Sami Pageaux-Waro : kora / Christian Fromentin : violin

The meeting between Alexandre Herer and Sami Pageaux took place on the island of Reunion, around their respective musics, contemporary creation for Alexandre Herer, traditional music, Indian and Reunionese rhythms for Sami Pageaux, jazz and improvisation for both. The repertoire of Sonatine was imagined by Sami, mixing personal compositions and various collections from the Mediterranean repertoire, from the Maghreb to Central Europe, with the traditional Reunionese baggage in the background. It was natural to meet Christian Fromentin, a violinist and melodist specialized in these repertoires, especially Turkish and Middle Eastern. Alexandre's cold and ethereal Fender Rhodes, as well as Sami's Kora, transformed into a chromatic instrument, and Christian's raw violin, create a singular acoustic sound for this type of repertoire, where the percussions, usually very present, are only suggested.