Onze Heures Onze Orchestra

Alexandre Herer : keyboards, fender rhodes / Julien Pontvianne : tenor saxophone / Olivier Laisney : trumpet / Denis Guivarc’h : alto saxophone / Stéphane Payen : alto saxophone  / Johan Blanc : trombone / Michel Massot : tuba / Joachim Govin : double basse / Florent Nisse : double basse / Stéphan Caracci : vibraphone / Thibaut Brandalise : drums / Franck Vaillant : drums / Thibault Perriard : drums / Magic Malik : flute, voice / Alban Darche : baryton saxophone

The “Onze Heures Onze” Orchestra was initiated in 2014 by the Onze Heures Onze collective in order to gather together within a large ensemble the musicians regularly participating to the collective’s activities. The current repertoire, composed by various band members, revolves around the inspiration prompted by the composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. The re-appropriation of a common influence reveals itself in many ways, from a nod to a composer to the use of fragments of one or several pieces. At any rate, the combination between heritage, composing and improvising emerging from this project participates to the creation of a music that is deeply rooted in its time.

Vol. 3
Pack CD Vol. 1 & 2
Volume 2
Volume 1