Magic Malik Fanfare XP

Malik Mezzadri (flute) / Pascal Mabit (alto saxophone) / Maciek Lasserre (soprano saxophone) / Johan Blanc (trombone) / Olivier Laisney (trumpet) / Fanny Ménégoz (flute) / Alexandre Herer (keyboards) / Gilles Coronado (guitar) / Maïlys Maronne (mélodica) / Nicolas Bauer (bass) / Vincent Sauve (drums)

Whether collaborating with Human Spirit, Steve Colman, Saint-Germain, Julien Lourau or funk bands, it takes only a few seconds to recognise the sound of Magic Malik’s flute. The Fanfare XP is the brainchild of Magic Malik, Pascal Mabit and Olivier Laisney (of the collective Onze Heures Onze), when they met during a residency at the Fondation Royaumont. This project gathers a number of musicians that varies, volunteers from all backgrounds, all keen to explore composition and improvisation through original angles, developed by Malik throughout the course of his career : taléas-colors (discrepancy between rhythm and melody), tonal signatures (harmonic system develop by Malik), Messiaen modes….

Vol. 3
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[Vinyle] - Vol. 2
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