Alexandre Herer - Nunataq

Alexandre Herer : Fender Rhodes

Gaël Petrina : electric bass

Pierre Mangeard : drums

Having spent ten years experimenting with his favorite instrument, the Fender Rhodes, Alexandre Herer comes back with a new project which, for being introspective, is nonetheless open and nourished by his many experiences. From his collaborations with musicians rich of a powerful artistic universe such as Magic Malik, Jozef Dumoulin, Marc Ducret, Stéphane Payen, Julien Pontvianne and Olivier Laisney, Alexandre Herer gradually became familiar with many musical concepts, written repertoires and improvisation techniques. For this project entitled “Nunataq”, Alexandre Herer offers a music that is deliberately open, airy and cold, partly inspired by the vast iced stretches (such as Greenland), places that remains the witnesses of a past climate threatened by today’s humanity.

[Vinyle] - Nunataq
[CD] - Nunataq