Alexandre Herer Bombay Experience

Alexandre Herer : Fender Rhodes // Gaël Petrina : bass // Pierre Mangeard : drums // B.C. Manjunath : Konnakol and mridangam // Manmeet Kaur : voice

During a first trip to India, Alexandre Herer discovered the strong presence of rap and beatbox in this country, which was later confirmed during several concerts in India with young students from a school in Dharavi, Bombay, and on several occasions mixed this rap scene with his own music.

At the same time, Alexandre met B.C. Manjunath at a master-class in France. B.C. has long been well known to some of Alexandre's mentors and influences, such as Benoit Delbecq, Jozef Dumoulin, Guillaume Orti and Stéphane Payen, which directly links konnakol and Carnatic music to certain aspects of Alexandre's compositions.

Alexandre then turned his attention to this mathematical aspect, to these games of numbers, speed and meaning, to compose an entire repertoire enabling B.C. Manjunath to rediscover familiar musical elements, and Manmeet Kaur, whom he met in Bombay, to set her texts, in English or Hindi, on sometimes unusual spaces.